How to Choose the Best Lightning Protection System

Lightning protection is vital for a number of reasons. The first and most important reason is the safety factor. It is important that you do not get struck by lightning since it is extremely painful and dangerous. A small cut or a Nick (in the ear would be fine) or a small piece of wood thrown off the roof by lightning could cause a deep wound. Also, it is important to remember that lightning strikes can happen anywhere at anytime, even on a sunny day.

How to Choose the Best Lightning Protection System

An electrical shock can occur when the discharge exceeds the maximum allowable amount. If this happens then the current will travel up into the house, and the person will end up in hospital suffering from severe burns, scars, hearing loss or permanent disability. Discharge must be done with extreme care. The best lightning protection system will have a high tolerance of voltage so that the people using it do not suffer in the event of an overvoltage situation. There are many different kinds of systems, but all need to be able to discharge the electrical current safely, quickly and efficiently.

The next best lightning protection system is one which uses conductors and a grounded wire mesh. This system has fewer chances of shorting out the electrical line or discharging large amounts of electricity. Some of these systems also use the latest generation of ultra-violet resistant (UV) diodes. The best lightning protection system should have several of these types of protective diodes to protect against UV rays.

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