Types of Remedial Massage Sydney

remedial massage sydney

There are several types of remedial massage Sydney. They are usually part of a remedial massage course and concentrated on providing relief for the patient by utilizing touch and techniques from other parts of the hand. As the name suggests they are tailored to the needs of the patient and help in healing and relaxation. They are often provided at spas and health centres but can also be made as home remedies as part of the healing process. A remedial massage is different from a regular therapeutic massage in that the focus is to bring the body back into shape and prevent injury, whereas in a therapeutic massage the objective is to promote healing and prevent injury.

Remedial Massage Sydney.

A remedial massage is generally much longer than a therapeutic massage. They are designed to target specific problem areas of the body and usually go for half an hour or more as opposed to just thirty to sixty minutes in a therapeutic massage. Unlike a normal therapeutic massage, a remedial massage can also take up to an hour and incorporate sports therapy and stretching to enhance recovery. The trained therapist will know exactly how to use their hands to relieve pain and set the patient up for a faster recovery.

There are many types of remedial massages available. They include sports massage, prenatal massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage plus stretching. Some are specifically for pregnant women, while others are designed to provide relief to those who suffer from various conditions such as arthritis, shingles and migraine headaches. The technique used is often based on the particular condition and injury and will target specific muscles and soft tissues. If you are seeking a remedial massage, make sure you choose a licensed practitioner so that you can ensure that you get the best treatment.

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