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Employment Law

There’s a lot to think about when you build a new business – from marketing and website development to onboarding staff members and experts who will help take your business concept to the next level.

But one area that small businesses and start-ups across all sectors are guilty of neglecting is the importance of employment law.

While the hiring and onboarding of your first employee might be reason for celebration, the reality is that as soon as you become an employer you need to have a foot in the employment law business. From the creation of contracts to the management of issues, disciplinaries and in-house negotiations, employment law underpins all the formal aspects of running a business.

Here are three reasons why we recommend getting in touch with local London employment lawyers as soon as you set up your business, rather than waiting.

1. Access to expert advice and guidance

First and foremost, professional employment lawyers are trained to provide advice to companies of all shapes and sizes – and offer a variety of packages which pair business owners with the level of support that they need.

Whether you’re a small business seeking ad hoc legal advice as and when cases arise, or a growing start-up looking for more comprehensive advice under a rolling contractual agreement, most London employment lawyers offer one-off and retainer services. These mean that you can unlock the support you need and either pay a set fee or pay for services as you use them.

2. Representation and negotiation support

Taking that support to the next level, one of the overriding benefits of working with an employment lawyer rather than managing your own employment law is the access to formal representation support and a trained mediator.

From managing negotiations to facilitating mediation meetings, and even representing your business at a formal tribunal to protect business interests and your reputation, a trained employment lawyer becomes an extension of your business when you need them to.

3. Training, development and news on all the latest industry updates

Finally, what better way to stay in the loop with industry news and changes to contractual obligations, employment regulations and more, than with your very own expert employment lawyer on standby?

These professional lawyers stay up to date with changes and adjustments so that you don’t have to and can deliver training across a wealth of business areas – including HR requirements, onboarding, pay rises, disciplinaries and more.

In essence, an employment lawyer becomes a part of your business and acts on your behalf, without taking a salary or requesting any of the employee benefits you offer. Employment lawyers are there when you need them and can deliver support, advice, or guidance to your business – whether it comes once in a blue moon, or on a regular basis through the entirety of a year-long agreement.
For more information on employment law services, get in touch with your local London-based team today.

Post Author: Katty Watson