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Plagiarism has been a tough problem that educators and top social media influencers have been fighting with. However, through the continuous efforts of such stakeholders, plagiarism is being defeated, even just little by little. And the combat with the problem depends on investigating the underlying determinants of plagiarism or those that aggravate or causes it. Of course, all of us know how powerful and useful the best plagiarism checker is. It helps people detect plagiarism online for it scans millions of web pages on the internet and alerts the checker if a content or written piece has been copied from the internet.

But your inquiry may be more on about the things that causes plagiarism or the factors that influences the occurrence of plagiarism. If it is, then do read this article to know such things.

The Effect of Cultural Diversity

Believe it or not, culture has a great influence on whether a person will commit plagiarism or not. If a person grows in a culture or environment wherein plagiarism is not a big deal or where it is being tolerated, then there is a high chance that the person will be committing plagiarism as well. On the contrary, if a person develops from an environment where plagiarism is not tolerated, then it is expected for that person to prevent plagiarism innately.

The Effect of Education

Educational also influences the occurrence of plagiarism. One of the main reasons why plagiarism is being committed by students is that they lack the information about such thing. So if teachers do not teach them the things about plagiarism, then they will not be able to know what it is and how to avoid it. However, for those students with a solid background on plagiarism, then it is expected of them to do their utmost efforts in preventing plagiarism.

The Effect of Surrounding People

Plagiarism may also be influenced by people around you. If the classmates of a student constantly commit plagiarism, then there is a high chance for the student to commit plagiarism as well. Classmates may also copy the work of each other, which is also another form of plagiarism. Sometimes, it is inevitable for students to collaborate with each other especially if they have the same assignments and they are really close friends with each other. However, educating them that individual assignments should be done individually may prevent copying among classmates no matter how close they are to each other.

Those are the influencers of plagiarism. Their relationships and effects to the tendency of a person to commit plagiarism should be studied well so as to solve the problems in its roots. Also, if you want to prevent plagiarism, then you should use the tool called the best plagiarism checker. Literally just like what its name suggests, this is the best tool out there for detecting plagiarism.

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