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Lighting 4 living is a mandatory feature for any living space. Lighting plays a key role in giving spacious appearance to your space. Even a smaller home can be made to look bright and ambient with proper lighting. For living spaces which have not been constructed with the proper way for natural ventilation, it can be negotiated with appropriate lighting. However, there are certain nuances which can be applied to feel the magnificence of lighting with better perceptions.

1. Establish your ideas and fantasies about lighting- Before beginning with lighting project make sure of the kind of lighting required for different areas like bedroom, portico, kitchen, dining, living room, etc. Since each room needs different lighting options like mild, bright and moderate, you can choose accordingly.

2 Lighting for Safety measures- As far as the safety and security of your home is concerned, places like portico, entrance, corners, walkways, boundary, sidewalks, and should be fixed with brightest lights. If you wish to opt for dim or dull lighting in the entrance, it would stay a welcoming note for thieves and trespassers.

3 Lighting for exterior walls- If you wish to take more care about safety measures you can choose wall sconces. If they are fixed facing exterior walls, you can experience the brightness from evening onwards. Visiting an online lighting store will help you view various kinds of wall sconces with directional options.

4 Choosing directional sconces- People who are less creative can go for directional sconces with which you can focus on the beautification aspects of the home too with the lights facing upwards, downwards, etc.

5 Night lights- Bedrooms for elders and children demand pleasing night lights. In addition, home lights need to be fixed in corners for safety reasons during midnight emergencies. Table lamps, wall sconces are also additional lighting options that can be prepared for children’s room.

6 Ceiling Lights- Ceiling lights are of different kinds, some are fixed for fancy purpose and some are preferred for adding extra brightness to the space. Lighting for ceiling is considered for decorative purpose too. Selecting lights that contain artistic works made of glass amidst the fixtures for lights add beauty and brilliance to the space.

7 Lighting for Swimming Pool- Lighting your pool needs some creativity. Though people prefer to spend time near the pool during the night, a moderate lighting fixed in equal breaks brings more elegance to the place.

8 Fixing lights in personal space- when it comes to your personal room, you are in the freedom to choose different home lighting options matching your mood. However, always take care of the safety point of view to fix the lights at a proper distance.

9 Lights for dining- Ceiling lights, dim lights, wall sconces, bright lights etc are some of the multiple options of lighting for dining space. You can increase the number of lights depending on the guests who visit. A normal lighting with medium brightness is perfect for a dining in routine days.

10 Buying lights online- It is better to visit an online lighting store to get exact ideas about the different designs and patterns in lights.

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