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A smart band is a new thing for us. It is designed to make our living easy and smart. The smart band is light, flexible and personal. It looks great with any clothing style. It is a very comfortable wristband. The smart band records more than just the number of steps you take. It is a smart wristband that helps you keep track of entertainment with information, how you feel as well as what you do. It helps you reminisce at the past, make the best of the present, and plan for the future.

There is a lot of Smart Band companies in India which produce smart bands and sell in the market. Companies’ like- Sony, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

Find blazed smart bands beautiful styles and the arrangement of features in various price ranges. So in order to help you, we are providing a short list of smart bands that we not only help you find the best but also help you to know the smart bands price in India.


Sony Smart Band SWR10 is a moderately plain looking, modest device, wonderfully with its default Black colour wrist bands. The Smart Band is made of two components — the wristband and the core. The core, which is a small pen drive like device that fits into the wristband, is the heart of the Smart Band while the band is its soul. Sony has bundled two rubbery looking bands of different sizes for different wrists. The core features a single button, micro-USB port, and status lights

Sony Smart Band Talk SWR30 Activity Wristband Rs. 9,009

Sony Xperia C Rs.1,500


The MI bands is simple and just have the tracking function, there is no display, or voice guidance for interaction, just a tracker module with LEDs and a vibrator to get your attention. It is the perfect of all the bands and one of the top selling Fitness band below  Rs. 1000.

Xiaomi Mi band 2 smart bands Rs. 2,599

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Wristband w/ 0.42″ OLED Touch Screen Rs. 1,500

There are many superior and a number of very good looking and featured smart bands. The smart bands are available in different prices at different places. If we are willing to buy a smart band which is much featured, good looking and fit in our budget then we really need to compare smart bands price.

We need to compare the price of smart bands from all over the places like online websites which offers different prices of the best brand of smart bands. Sony Smart Band Talk SWR30 Activity Wristband Rs. 9,009 on Flipkart but the same brand and the same model is only Rs. 8,000 offline which is obviously cheaper than online shopping. We can take another example like XiaomiMi band 2 smart bands Rs. 2,599 offline but if we compare the price of this model online it is of Rs. 2,100 which fits in our budget perfectly. According to this survey, the price comparison in India is very necessary. The person who is interested in smart bands must compare the prices from different places.

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