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The quality of print jobs doesn’t just depend on what printer and ink or toner cartridges are being used. The type of paper can also have a big impact on print quality. Using the wrong paper could lead to poor quality prints and considerable wastage. So, which paper should be used for different print jobs?

Photocopier Paper

For the majority of everyday print job, basic photocopier paper will be sufficient. Photocopier paper is affordable and widely available. Although it won’t produce excellent quality prints, it will be adequate for most users’ needs. However, for more important prints, like letters or reports, a higher grade of paper is recommended.

Laser and Inkjet Paper

Laser and inkjet papers are specifically formulated for their respective technologies. Laser paper is designed to withstand the high temperatures needed for toner particles to fuse to it. Inkjet paper is designed to absorb ink without smearing. Both papers produce colours that are more vivid and text that is clearer and sharper. They are best used for important documents that are graphics heavy.

Photo Paper

As the name suggests, photo paper has been designed to produce realistic-looking photographs from a printer. Photo paper can be either glossy or matt. Glossy paper has a slight shine designed to give colours more impact. It looks like a real photographic print. Matt photo paper looks like high-quality, thick card. Although colours will be bright and images realistic, matt paper is best suited to documents that contain both photographs and text.

Post Author: Kathy