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Buying a new car can be very exciting; however one of the problems with being caught up in the excitement is that your judgement might be affected. When you’re buying new it’s pivotal that you ensure you’re getting the right price, i.e. the market price or less, for the car.

There are actually lots of factors that might affect car prices. These include when the car was released on the market, for instance it might be more expensive if the release time is poor, taxation or even the fuel economy of the car also affect car value.

With this in mind, car market value might fluctuate from time to time and this means that it becomes more difficult to ascertain the true value of the car; however, it’s not impossible by any means. In fact, you can use a car valuation guide to give you an up to date and very accurate of a car’s market value.

Even the smallest factor can affect the price of a car and so it’s important when searching to factor this in. Many price guides will also put you in touch with a nearby dealer, which makes sourcing the right car at the right price much easier.

You might assume that buying new is much simpler than buying used, but with such fluctuations in the market this isn’t necessarily the case.

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