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mini kitchens

Mini kitchens are small, pre-built, high-quality kitchenettes that are utilised across a number of sectors to fulfil a wide range of different needs and requirements. From landlords and commercial properties to the leisure industry, these compact kitchens provide an innovative, cost-effective solution for those looking to create stylish, durable and modern kitchens that are affordable and easy to install.

Here are 6 of the most common uses for mini kitchens and how they work to enhance the space for users.


Nowadays, with square footage coming at a premium, especially in cities and desirable areas, people are having to make the most of more compact properties. For smaller apartments, flats, houses, studios and maisonettes, a mini kitchen can help to solve a lot of space-related issues without having to compromise on aesthetic appeal or function.

Available in a wide range of styles, materials, colours, appliances and configurations, mini kitchens can be tailored to your property’s exact needs and help to create a great space with all the amenities needed to store, prepare and cook your food.

Offices and Staff Rooms

Almost every office nowadays requires some sort of kitchen facilities for staff to use to make drinks and prepare their lunches. From simple tea stations to models with microwaves and hot plate facilities for employees to heat up or cook their own food, there is a mini kitchen to suit every office.


A number of hotels like to provide a kitchenette or self-catering facilities nowadays, especially those that offer extended stays or are classed as apart-hotels which are designed more for long-term stays than just a few nights.

Mini kitchens can provide cost-effective solutions for hotels that cannot be achieved with standard-sized units whilst also being extremely convenient, easy to install and affordable even when purchasing multiple units.

Student Accommodation

Whether it’s for halls in a university, lodgings, a student flat or a student accommodation development, it is important that the kitchen is affordable, durable and reliable. Mini kitchens are made with high-quality materials that are extremely tough, hard-wearing and long-lasting so that they can withstand a lot of usage.

Mini kitchens also come with a built-in fire suppression system that automatically detects and suppresses fire at its source, helping to prevent the spread of fire and keep residents and other occupants safe.


Outdoor kitchens are a great idea for those who love to cook and make the most of their garden and outside space. Mini kitchens can help to transform underutilised outdoor areas into a functional, usable and social setting, perfect for special occasions and gatherings with family and friends.

These can be used as a freestanding kitchen complete with fridge, hobs and sink as well as being perfect to incorporate into a bar area or along with things like an outdoor pizza oven for the ultimate garden kitchen experience.


There are a number of types of holiday lets and accommodations that like to offer their customers their own kitchen as part of their facilities. From glamping sites and treehouses to pods, huts, lodges and B&Bs, mini kitchens are a great way to create a complimentary cooking area that helps to enhance the experience of guests.


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Post Author: Katty Watson