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Whether you are moving into a new house or you have not had your plumbing system checked in years, you should seriously think of getting in touch with an experienced service provider for thorough plumbing inspections. In case of a new house, you should never sign the dotted line unless you have the plumbing inspected properly. Interestingly, even if the plumbing system looks good from the outside, it still pays to have it inspected thoroughly to ensure that everything is in a perfect condition.

 The thing is that having your plumbing system inspected after regular intervals would help identify an issue in its early stages and this would save you from having expensive repairs done later. Unfortunately, people have already understood the importance of regular heating and cooling system inspections, but they still do not attach the same importance to annual plumbing inspections. Here are some good reasons why it makes great sense to schedule plumbing inspections after regular intervals.

  • You will have the whole plumbing system checked thoroughly. The inspection involves threading a camera through the pipes to inspect the entire system thoroughly. It means that the plumber will first locate an access pipe to avoid drilling any hole through the walls. The camera is also small enough to move safely through the pipes. This non-invasive examination helps identify all the immediate and future needs of your plumbing system.
  • You will be able to identify leaks quickly. Through plumbing inspections, it becomes possible to check exactly where your plumbing pipes are broken or cracked and require immediate repairs. By having those issues repaired on time, you will be able to save yourself from spending a lot of money to have those pipes replaced later.
  • You will get a better idea about water pressure when scheduling plumbing inspections. This is especially beneficial in multi-story buildings. You have to understand that you will experience problems whether the water pressure is too high or too low. High water pressure on the lower levels could damage your pipes and cause blowouts, whereas extremely low water pressure on the upper floors would make it difficult to use your appliances. Since plumbing inspections also include water pressure tests, you will get a better idea about it.
  • You will be able to learn about the age and quality of your pipes. Again, this really makes great sense when you are going to move into a new house. Some plumbing pipes are designed to last up to 75 years, but some may fail after 20 years. It is therefore important to know the age of your pipes and get an idea about their current state. After an inspection, you will have a clear idea about the life expectancy of your pipes and this would help you plan pipe replacements or restoration in a timely manner.

The fact of the matter is that people are usually more concerned about having their heating and cooling system inspected regularly, but the truth is that they only use it for 6 months a year. However, you use your plumbing system throughout the year, which means it requires more attention. Through plumbing inspections, you can prevent many serious plumbing issues by having things repaired in a timely manner.

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