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Lingerie is a fun topic to talk about and undoubtedly one of the most erotic pieces of feminine apparel out there. Back in the day, lingerie was plain old boring as people never gave importance to the overall outlook, comfort factor and the likes on what they are wearing beneath their clothes. With time, people, especially the women have understood that lingerie needs to be attractive given they want to have some fun in the bedroom.

Erotic dancers and strippers are all about sexy outfits and lingerie that helps them to flaunt their assets to turn on the heat for their clients. Most ladies know that men have a soft spot for lingerie but they often fail to add the same in their love life.

As per the opinion of professional strippers associated with reputable adult entertainment sources such as Central Coast Strippers, wearing the perfect lingerie is the only way one can have a memorable night with their partners. On top of that, lingerie also plays an important role to up the game when it comes to foreplay!

If you want to arouse your partner and keep them hooked, you need to tread the extra mile. With that information in mind, let us now take a look at some of the most popular lingerie style, as per strippers that can turn up the heat in your love life:

Entwine your partner with the lacy lace teddy

If you ask any stripper associated with the adult party entertainment industry, the lace teddy style of lingerie would be a staple in their work wardrobe. It is one of the best ways a stripper can turn on their client in minimal time delay. You can do that too when you want to have some fun in the bedroom. You can also mix and match two distinct styles of lingerie if you want to appear irresistible.

Lace thongs are perfect when you want to flaunt your assets to the maximum extent

Thongs and G – strings are a strippers best friend. On top of that, if they are a bit behind their day’s quota and need to turn on their clients in a hurry, they go for bright coloured or shiny thongs. Now, if you want to make sure that your partner can’t take their eyes off you, go for the classic lace thong. It is a tried and tested lingerie style that strippers swear by.

Black slip lingerie is sure to make you the seductress your partner was looking for

If you are planning to turn your partner on any given night, it is best that you invest in any of the three styles mentioned here but be advised – always go for black. As per the opinion of exotic dancers and dancing bears alike, black is the perfect colour for lingerie. The reason is simple, to begin with – black is an erotic colour. It is one of the many reasons why erotic art is often portrayed in monochrome. Get the idea?

Fashion designers and contemporary lingerie manufacturers are emphasising more on the design elements, comfort levels and the material of their products. It is one of the many reasons why one can get their hands on a plethora of lingerie styles these days. Be sure to flaunt your assets by going for the lingerie style that suits your preferences and make sure that your partner is feeling weak in the knees every time they lay their eyes on you.

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