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Lately, encrypted messaging apps have been getting a lot of hype. These apps allow you to send messages that are only deciphered by those for whom it is intended. This is done by encoding the message with an encryption key and then distributing this key through a secure channel or several layers of cryptography. The idea behind self-destructing messages is that it provides an extra layer of security in case your device falls into the wrong hands. For example, if a thief manages to get access to your messaging app and sees your sensitive messages, you can use one of these apps to send a private note message that would self-destruct after a certain time period. This is great for mobile users who might leave an unlocked phone lying around the house.


What separates pirvnota from other messaging apps that self-destruct is the fact that messages are not deleted after a certain time period. Instead, all traces of the message will be removed from your device and the recipient’s device. For example, if you send a photo from your phone to someone through pirvnota, that photo will be removed from your device (and only your device) in a matter of seconds. With this app, privacy truly is guaranteed.


The distinguishing feature of cypherpunks is that messages are deleted after a certain amount of time. With this app, you decide when a message should self-destruct after being viewed. This guarantees that your privacy is not violated, as the message will disappear from all devices on your contact list in a few seconds.


From the creators of WhatsApp, Signal promises to deliver strong encryption and uncompromising security for your conversations. As with other apps on this list, all messages will be deleted from your phone once you’ve viewed them. Furthermore, Signal is open source and transparent, making it easy for users to verify the security of the app.


If privacy and security are the main concerns for you, then Wickr is probably the best encrypted messaging app for you. All messages will be deleted within a few days of being sent or viewed, which provides an extra layer of protection in case your smartphone should fall into the wrong hands.


Telegram is one of the most popular encrypted messaging apps for Android and iOS. The main benefit of Telegram is that you can send encrypted messages to people who don’t have Telegram installed. You will then be able to download the app, which has a much clearer interface than WhatsApp and Signal (the other two apps on this list).

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