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Tips To Follow Before Moving A Piano

If you have the fortune of owning a piano then you know how delicate this instrument really is. Since pianos are so fragile, this makes them so vulnerable to scratches and dents. That is why when it comes to having to move your piano you need to make sure that movers seriously care about the safety of moving the instrument just as much as you would. You want a piano mover who can take care of it right from the moment it leaves your home right down to the moment it steps into its new home.

First, an important factor to keep in mind is the exact measurements of the piano. Grand piano movers should want to know this before they state you a quote and to assess the home situation. This should be clear before moving to avoid any delays on the day of moving. You want a piano mover who is also capable of hoisting the piano in a safe way if the piano size does not fit through your door or stairway. This usually takes several strong people to accomplish this task.

Second, if you plan on using door to door movers you’re kind of in the same situation if moving an upright piano from room to room or house to house. You need to be able to trust the professionalism and the integrity of the mover along with the piano moving equipment. It really is a good idea to interview the movers to get a feel for how long they have been in the business. If you are going to try and move the piano yourself with the help of some reliable friends then make sure everyone who will be handling the instrument has protective coverings as well.

The ideal location for the movers would be positioned at each end of the piano. Make sure that you let no one other than the assigned piano mover’s touch the piano at all times for the safety and liability of the movers.

Third, you have to know the exact measurement of the piano or organ because if you don’t know the exact measurement, then you run the risk of starting a job of trying to get through a door that will never allow you to pass a piano through. At this point it would be wise of you to contact your choice company so that they can send a member of their team out to accurately measure it for you.

 If you plan on moving the instrument yourself using moving pods then all you need to know is making sure you can get it out of your home safely as well. This is a rule for anyone involved in the moving process. Whether you’re utilizing a moving pod, professional piano movers or using a door to door service.

While calculating the cost of moving a piano, you should clearly elaborate the piano type to the mover like Upright, Grand Piano, Model, Make etc. When you mention it as a ‘regular’ or ‘standard’ piano then you are providing insufficient information to the mover which will further result in inaccurate quotation.

Your piano size is the key factor that helps the mover to calculate the cost. You can also measure the size of an upright piano from its lid to the floor. The piano’s bow is measured from one end of the keyboard to the other. This is a crucial information that helps the mover’s decide how many professionals and the kind of equipment is required to lift the piano. Do not hesitate to give the model or make year which helps in determine the prospective value of your priced possession.

Again, to recap on piano or organ moving suggestions, my best suggestion to keep your prized possession from getting unnecessary banged around and scratched up, is to make sure that your selected piano movers are the professional and careful assigned team of movers which should consist of at the least, four movers. Always get several quotes and always compare services to save yourself time and money on your piano move.


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