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Bike racing is famous in many parts of the word. It does not require millions of investment as a few dollars enable one to acquire a standard bike and buy the riding attires for safety. One can also learn techniques online. This has made it a good choice for many people. For newbie’s, they need to get their drivers licenses intact and their registration information of their new motorbikes.

To get this information, all they need is to get DVLA contact center and get the necessary. Apart from licenses, bike riders need to maintain their bike to be working well on fields. Here are some maintenance tips to consider.

Basic cleaning

No matter the ride done, your bike must look clean. Riders get to dirty places, muddy roads and dust. For those who prefer to ride on the mountain, they get mud junks. Avoid storing your bike when it has mud. To maintain and make your bike give better services, clean often and thoroughly. Cleaning helps to torn down wear and tear from mud and wet conditions.


One area used and kept under constant pressure is the bike tyres. To have fun and even win on bike competitions, riders must keep their tyres inflated fully at desired gauges. They also need to be checked for any wear. Before going out on a serious ride, check the tyres visually and then feel them. A bike that comes with quick release wheels must be checked almost daily.

Gear and chains

People with mountain bikes get the advantage of technology. These bikes come with gears. After every ride especially in muddy areas, make sure to give the gear and chain a thorough wash. Failure to do this means they get rust and break easily. Clean the gear and chains then let them dry. Apply oil whenever you see they are dry.

Check on breaks

One area that means life and death for bike riders is the brake components. It has to get regular maintenance. Failure to take good care of your breaks means riders get difficulties to stop well especially in hilly areas or when emergency occurs. Check breaks leavers by squeezing to see if they are working. Check loose break cables and replace them or tighten. Brake pads must be checked well. They have to come into contact with rims and not rubber tyre. With effective breaks, stopping becomes easy and prevent tyre damage. Make sure the breaks toe-in for maximum breaking during emergencies. Clean the brake pad areas to remove any debris that accumulates. The moving parts on your breaks should get oiling services.

Seat post

On your bike, always check the seat post. Clean the area then apply some grease. Bike riders should use a tape so that the saddles remain at the same height. Finally, tighten any loose bolts and nuts around the seat and any other place.

Great maintenance for your bike gives safety precautions and saves on costs when an expensive part like gear lever gets destroyed. It also avoids breakdown when enjoying your rides.

Post Author: Kathy