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The Market for renting out has boomed worldwide. People invest in real estate to create an income stream via rent. Most of the landlords appoint a qualified letting agent to find a tenant, frame the legal document and just about everything, ensuring their client’s complete peace of mind. Given that the agent will be responsible for both the legal & financial aspect of the deal, choosing one of the best letting agents in Loughton is indispensable. For this reason, we’ve curated this quick:-

Location of the Letting Agent

The first thing to look-in when hiring a letting agent is his/her location. Typically, opt for a property advisor that is in the same location as the rented property. A local agent has a wealth of practical knowledge of the specified geographic location along with extensive experience to find an apt tenant. A qualified letting agent having prior experience of renting out properties will ensure you as a landlord need to worry about anything. 

Level of Service

There are letting agents in Loughton that present three levels of service. These include the tent-find only service, this means that your letting agent will do the market research to help you find the right tenant in line with your eligibility criteria. The other service type, include the tent-find and rent, this means that the letting agent will not only reach out to the right tenant but also collect rent on a monthly basis. Now, coming to the third level of service is complete management. They will take care of everything, right from finding the letting agent, collecting rent, and dealing with the common problems of the tenant. For new landlords or those who are thousands of miles away, full management is best-suited. 


A professional letting agent will take care of the paperwork. They will take care of things such as references of the prospective tenants, check the credit card details, confirm the details of the tenant’s employment, and lastly check whether the tenant has to reside in a particular location. The letting agents in Loughton will prepare the legal document, along with obtaining the electrical and gas certification. 

Marketing And Advertising 

Rent is a great income stream for landlords. Make sure you find a competent letting agent in your region that follows a proactive approach in finding a good letting agent. Ask the local agent how they will market and advertise the rental property. Do they promote your property over the various Internet marketing channels? In addition, what traditional approach they implement for renting out your property. 

In the end, seek the advice of your friends & relatives those in your region to recommend the best-letting agents in Loughton. 

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