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Drain survey refers to a process that assesses the present condition of drainage structure in the residential area. It includes the use of technology such as sewers, CCTV methods and more to ensure the drainage system is not currently going through any defects. As the ratio of population is increasing day by day the requirement of conducting such surveys are increasing simultaneously to make sure public properties are in a safe condition. There are some important things such as downpipes, ducting system, dust tank and perpendicular chutes an inspector needs to ensure the survey is conducted through maintaining all the necessary procedures. There are some primary reasons that will make you understand why conducting such survey is highly important, 

To detect the damages- conducting a survey regarding the drainage system is essential to spot the defects a drain has. This survey process involves finding out blockage that can really hamper the condition of a drain if not treated early. It can cause damages that can be major threats during the time of monsoon. Also detecting damage in an early manner can be cost-effective and can take very less amount of time and effort. 

To keep the construction work going on- A drain survey is needed to keep the surrounding projects going on. A damaged drain is highly dangerous for such kinds of projects as all the construction works have direct connectivity with the near drainage system.  These surveys ensure the drain’s condition is good enough well to support new construction. Such surveys can save a construction project even If the drain’s condition is worse by giving the constructors a warning about the current condition of the drainage system.

To keep residential properties safe- Conducting such surveys can ensure the safety of residential properties.  Generally, People have tended to park their cars outside of their home so such surveys can give them a hint whether there is any threat like leakage of the drain or not. If there is an indication of a threat the whole residence can take an initiative to fix it and also can become aware of keeping their personal properties near the drains. 

To minimize the risk of high cost- Identifying the damages when there is a scope of repairing always minimizes the risk of spending a lot of money.  If a survey like this is conducted every month, it will surely ensure the identification of each and every little damage and this is how we can minimize the risk of huge cost.

So after discussing the importance of arranging such surveys we can easily conclude that this is kind of a non-negotiable task which assures that the whole residence is safe, cleaned and running with a smooth drainage system.

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