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Weeding is probably the most awaited day of our lives. We all have big plans for this day in some corner of our mind looking for years. Your big day is a mega social celebration where all your friends, relatives and known witness the occasion of you entering a new phase in your life. This is why it is important to appreciate them by infusing life into your wedding celebration rather than just following the norms of weddings. Here, we’ve rounded up five activities you must consider for your big day-

The photo booth idea

Photo Booths, they are no more strangers to corporate parties or even social gatherings such as a wedding. The photo booth, when installed at the party venue, has a knack of leveraging to get out of their seats to have enjoyed, getting clicked in various poses thanks to the party props. However, you have to be careful with the theme of the photo booth; it must gel with the overall party outlook. In simple words, the photo booth must not seem like an addition to the event. You can easily get a photo booth hire delivered to your venue at affordable prices. All you have to do is to surf the Internet and narrow down on a dependable photo booth rental company that understand your requirements and caters them.

The Jenga game

So, doesn’t love Jenga? This class block stacking game is loved by people of diverse age groups, be it an eight-year-old child or men in his forties. For the wedding day, you need to turn the tabletop version in a real-life set of blocks your guests can build & destroy. A couple of the day can add more fun to this game by including their DIY ideas.

The high strikers’ challenge

They are some of the hacks that add fun. Each invitee to your event will compete with one another to be the strongest. The high strike is a perfect activity idea for your wedding in order to keep the guest engaged throughout the afternoon.

The shoe game fun

This is unarguably the most popular game for the wedding. Here, the bride and groom will occupy seat back to back in front of the invitees. The bride will hold a shoe while the groom has the other one. The member of the bridal party which is the hosts and the groom can answer questions by displaying the shoe that corresponds to the answer.

Wheel of Fun

Rotate the wheel for great fun and enthusiasm among your guests. A custom wheel will keep your guests enthralled.

All these five activity ideas are great, you can implement them without the need to spend big dollars.

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