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We know you are excited about your marriage, who isn’t? After all, it’s the day everyone dreams of since childhood. Achieving the dream wedding should be the priority since you are entering a new phase of your life and it shouldn’t start with unfulfilled expectations. One of the most daunting tasks in planning your dream wedding is the selection of the perfect venue. Most of the other planning depends on the selected venue. So, here is our guide to the perfect wedding venue.

Think outside the box

We look at the pictures of lavish weddings of celebrities to get ideas. As useful as these ideas can be, it is important that you pay attention to what you and your partner want. Things that worked for other couples may not work for you. So, it’s best to first talk to your partner and get decided on a theme. For example, do you want everyone to witness your special day, or you want to be only with your loved ones? Do you want the wedding to be in a grand hall or in a garden? What kind of music do you want?

After that, make a rough estimate of your budget and you can start looking for your dream venues.

Narrowing down your search

It will be extremely tedious to go to each and every venue in your preferred area, so at first, doing some internet research can help you shortlist the venues that fit your requirements. There are many wedding venues in Somerset, visit the websites of the venues, contact them through email or phone to ask your queries. Check the availability of the venues on the tentative dates for your wedding. If you are flexible with dates, you can have more options for venues. It is always helpful to make notes when you are planning a wedding. List down all the shortlisted venues and write the information you found online.

Consult your planner

The wedding planners have contacts of the venues along with experience in making this decision. Describe your dream wedding vision to your wedding planner. Let them know about the number of guests and your budget. Discuss the list of the shortlisted venues with your wedding planner and see if any changes are to be made.

Check the location, catering and number of guests that can be accommodated.

If your majority of guests is going to come via flights, it is advisable to choose a venue near the airport. In the same way, double check the taste and quality of food that the catering offers and also clear about the numbers of guests that can be accommodated. These are viable parts of the wedding so you should never miss.

Take pictures when you visit

Many times small details are being missed when you visit the venue, so taking pictures of these places will be very useful in comparing the venues later on. You can also ask the venue owners for previous wedding photographs and videos which will further enhance your compatibility with the venue.

After having done all the research and exploration have a look at the notes you have made and, select the venue that satisfies most of your requirements. Be patient during the process. There are many wedding venues in Somerset which would be ideal for your dream wedding make sure you never forget to explore these.

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