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For those who don’t know about the dynamic personality- bashir dawood, let’s start by understanding who this incredible person is and how he is helping the sick.

Who is Bashir Dawood?

Mr. Dawood and his wife started a foundation named “The Dawood Foundation” in Pakistan in 1960. The two of them have been working continuously in favor of humanity and provide relief for those in need. The foundation mainly emerged as a disaster management foundation. They support the affected population by raising funds, providing food and shelter supplies. They also present other required amenities and have helped over thousands of disaster-affected families.

They have helped families under extreme situations like drought, famine, forest fire and have made sure that all the families get provided with shelters. Initially, the foundation got restricted to Pakistan, but now, they have expanded their support internationally as their mantra is “human kindness knows no borders, boundaries or limits.”

They have now begun to support foundations that cater to ill children; keep reading to know more about it.

Healthcare for children initiative

Ill children that come from less fortunate backgrounds get often told to learn to live with their health problems; this initiative is a step to help them feel better in their body and their mind. The power couple of Dawood’s took a step in this direction to eradicate illness in the young across the globe.

Detailed researches are the first step towards identifying the children that need their help. The next move of bashir dawood is to build and improve available medical facilities that possess high capacities and capabilities to treat and cure the youth of all physical and mental disorders. Mr. and Mrs. Dawood has a note-worthy background in funding and promoting children’s education; additionally, they are now extending their support to children’s healthcare. Both of them have been gradually making donations towards such organizations over the years. Children’s healthcare is a mission close to Dawood’s hearts.

How is “The Dawood’s Foundation” different from Charity?

Charities often raise funds that get used to help the people affected by any unfortunate circumstances. Whereas, “The Dawood’s Foundation” personally reaches out to the affected people.

Charities are often a group of people that incorporate volunteers that are to reach out to people and request for donations for the cause. Mr. and Mrs. Dawood personally get involved with the affected people and attempt to provide them with not just funds but shelter and amenities. Charities often get restricted to areas and cities unless for a global cause, but “The Dawood’s Foundation” works for people worldwide.

Working for oneself becomes hectic but working for others for no personal gain is a noble cause that needs courage and patience.

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