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Pregnancy coupled with high blood pressure is not a dangerous combination. When it is medicine HIV in pregnancy it does pose risks to a mother, but the same cannot be said about blood pressures. When you are prone to hypertension during pregnancy, then a close monitoring is the need of the hour.

Types of blood pressure during pregnancy

In some cases high blood pressure could arise before pregnancy. On the other hand it could develop during pregnancy

  • Chronic hypertension- this is regarded as high blood pressure that could be present before pregnancy or could have emerged in the starting 20 weeks of pregnancy. As this form of blood pressure does not have major symptoms, it is hard to figure out when it started in the first place.
  • Gestational hypertension- women who are prone to gestational hypertension is going to form high blood pressure that once again starts after 20 weeks of pregnancy. No signs of organ damage or excess protein in your urine samples is found.
  • Preeclampsia- this is going to occur when hypertension forms during the course of pregnancy. The visible signs of it are damage to the various organ systems. Intially this was diagnosed if a woman had protein and blood pressure in her urine. Medical experts have found that preeclampsia could occur even without protein in your urine.

Why high blood pressure needs to be avoided during pregnancy?

No way denying the fact that high blood pressure does go on to pose significant risks during pregnancy.

  • There is decrease of blood flow to the placenta- if the placenta is not going to be provided with sufficient flow of blood, the baby is going to receive fewer nutrients along with oxygen. This can pave way to premature delivery or low weight of the baby. When it is a premature delivery it can lead to infections along with complications for the baby
  • Growth restrictions for the baby- When it is hypertension, it could lead to increased or decreased growth of the baby.
  • Organs are prone to various injuries- as far as poor controlled hypertension is concernend it could go on to pose significant dangers to the kidney, lungs along with other organs.

Would you opt for blood pressure medication during pregnancy?

Be it any form of medication that you opt during pregnancy it can have an impact on the developing baby. Some medications used to cure blood pressure are considered to be safe during pregnancy but it is better to avoid them during pregnancy.

Treatment is important on all counts. When there is high blood pressure it does pose serious complications and chances of heart attack rises. It could go on to pose significant dangers to a developing baby as well.

If medication is needed to bring down your blood sugar levels during pregnancy, your doctor is going to provide you with the safest medication and that too in proper dose. Follow the instructions of the doctor and do not alter the course of dosage as per your wishes.

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