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Delhi is indeed a buzzing city and you can find plenty of options there for your rejuvenation. Be it monuments or parks; events or happenings; clubs or spots; everything in this capital is fulfilling. Even if you have some rarest interests, you can easily munch on different events that take place in the city.

You know plenty of events get organized at Pragati Maidan throughout the weeks. Be it crafts, entertainment, music, conferences or any other type of event; you can get it right there. Actually, it is a huge complex with well laid out fountains, roads,garden, eating joints and lawns. It is the popular venue of annual India International Trade fair and many other National and international Trade Fair.One of the main fascinations of this complex is APPU GHAR, grounded on Disneyland concept in various forms of games and entertains to play. This spot is situated near Delhi Zoo and ITO.Even if you want to be a part of some celebrations or learning; you can enroll yourself in different events that take place here.

Do you have interest in railways? If yes then it is for you!

Yes, International Railway Equipment Exhibition 2017 is getting organized on Wednesday 11th October at 11 am. This event is organized by Trade Representation of Russia in India. Planned by Confederation of Indian Industry, in association with Ministry of Railways, Government of India, International Railway Equipment Exhibition is only international event in India for Railway and its linked sectors. It is needless to say that Indian Railways participate in IREE in a huge manner. This event attracts visitors and participation from around twenty countries. So, if you have charm for railways then the event awaits you with open arms.

Books event

If you love books and have a keen interest in reading or accumulating different books then you should keep an eye on different book events that take place in this popular Maidan of Delhi. Even if you visit a single such event, you are going to experience extensiveness and enlightenment. You can find a huge number of books in these events. From fiction to romance; thrill to business; biography to auto-biography; and every type of books ca be fetched from these book events.

Practice Yoga activities

There are many people who want to do yoga but don’t really know much about it. Well, if you are one of such fellows then you should dive into yoga events and programs that take place in popular maidens of Delhi. The beauty of these events is that you get to know about diversity available in yoga. If you know a couple of moves of yoga and you think that is all then you are mistaken. The arena of yoga is extremely rich and fulfilling. You will definitely going to love the yoga activities in the assistance of great yoga practitioners.


So, be it talent shows, jewellery exhibitions; trade shows, coin events or any other type of events; you must not skip their presence. After all, a single visit and your knowledge and creative side will go to a new level.

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