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Travelling by bus can be a rewarding experience. When we travel from one place to another then we expect comfort and ease. Melaka in Malaysia serves as the popular choice of destination for travel lovers as it is less expensive. It is place with rich culture and history. It offers numerous historical places and buildings to visit. Ranging from many historical places and buildings to museums and to many other places of interest the city becomes a formidable choice for travel goers. There are many buses that are available from KL (Kuala Lumpur) to Melaka. Air travel between the two destinations is also available.

However, limited numbers of flights are available as compared to bus.To make a journey via bus, one can take a bus from KL to Melaka from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan bust terminal at Bandar Tasik Selatan. Bus from KL to Melaka arrive and depart from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan hub every day.

Travel details from KL to Melaka

The distance via bus from KL to Melaka is approximately 150 kilometres. Hundreds of buses are available on a daily basis. The bus leaves at every 30 minutes. The price of the tickets ranges variably. The price of the tickets ranges from 12.20 Malaysian Ringgit to 12.90 Ringgit. It varies accordingly with the quality of the buses. The journey can take from 2 hours. As the bus from KL to Melaka are available in plenty one can opt from their preferred time. They are available from early in the morning till late night. At the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan in Bandar Tasik Selatan, you can select the bus that will take you to Melaka. The journey of the bus travelling from KL to Melaka takes the route from Transnational, Konsortium Bas Express and Cepat&Cekap Express. Journey by bus also serves as the most easiest and economical option of transportation for travel goers. Once you arrive to your destination, the bus will drop you to Melaka Sentral.

Booking of tickets for KL to Melaka

Kuala Lumpur is the major transportation hub in Malaysia and buses to various parts of Malaysia are available in plenty for the passengers. Tickets can easily be collected for the journey. We can either get it by visiting the bus terminal directly at KL or by going to the electronic bus ticket machine and paying the amount in full. However, one can also buy the tickets online by visiting any eTravel sites. Booking online tickets will be hassle free and convenient. You do not have to wait in queue and thus will be a painless effort. One can also chose the seat they prefer and travel with ease. Further, if it is a weekend or a public holiday then there might problem in getting tickets. But if you opt for online booking of tickets then there will be no problem. Prices vary accordingly. While on the bus, you can spring on and enjoy your ride to Melaka and witness the world heritage site of UNESCO.

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