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Bangalore is indeed a happening city to live in. in case you love traveling, adventures and fun, you can live a happening life in this city. There are plenty of events, trips and tours take place in this city for the traveling buffs. No matter you are an individual, a couple, a gang of friends or a team of colleagues, there is much stored for you.

If you have never tried City walks in Bangalore, it is time you do. You can check out amazing organized walks for your splendid experience. On these walks and tours, you won’t be alone, you will be surrounded by other fellows who love touring, exploring and adventuring. Let us check out some upcoming organized walks and trips for you!

Bengaluru in a Nutshell (A Walking Tour)

This walk tour is going to be held on Sunday the 7th May 2017. It is getting organized by the Unventured. All you have to do is, register yourself and reach Rangoli Art Metro Entrance, M. G Road for the commencement of this tour.

During this tour, you can explore the diversity of Bangalore. This city of gardens, a silicon valley and a start-up hub in this area of the world has a lot of splendour on its plate. The city carries an old world charm with great grace, just as much as its modernism. Right from the extensive high streets, old-fashioned back alleys, voodoo calling spirits and black magic, lively shopping centers, take a ride from spot to spot on residential transport. Just relish the local scrumptious food, seek blessings of ancient temples and taste the quiet cafes. This tour is a blend of modern and old Bangalore and gives its Inmates a spectacular experience. Such a ride venture has something for everybody. You can taste everything right from historic to modern, artistic to ancient and simple to complexing in a single walk ride!

Enjoy a Tuk-Tuk ride!

This Tuk-Tuk ride is going to be organized by Unventured on Saturday 13th May 2017. You might have travelled in y our luxurious cars, trains, busses and by air but what about something like Tuk-Tuk? Yes, riding in a Tuk-Tuk is a strange experience in itself. Just get ready to texture your way through hustle and bustle of this city. On this journey, you will go on a memorable walk, exploring the cultural variety of Bengaluru. The spots you will witness and visit on this tour are a heady blend of the ancient and fresh, the experiences and interactions with the locals will stay with you as a memory for a long time. There would be a great fun waiting for you on this ride!


The bottom line is that there are plenty of walks get organized every day in Bangalore. The trips, tours and journeys can make your day and leave you enriched and well informed about the city. A single walk will acquaint you with so much of fun, knowledge and exploration. You will get to know the depths of this city!

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