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From what the name suggests, heated wiper blades work to prevent ice build-up on your car’s windshield. They work with the defrost system of the vehicle, to clear and free snowing that may form on the screen. They have inbuilt calibrated heating elements that radiate heat through the silicone blade to melt any attempts of ice forming. And the second heating element is for keeping the pivot and the wiper frame clear.

Installation of heated windshield blades

If you are a driver and know how winter can be frustrating when faced with build-up ice on the windshield, it is likely that you are already exited to have the heated wipers fitted on your car. That is also possibly, why you may want to know the amount of time involved in installing them. Well, this is a 30 minutes job to be on the higher side, with the installation process requiring basic tools only.

Convenient control

For some of the latest heated wipers, you don’t need to do anything after you have installed and set them to automatic mode. With the help of your car’s defrost system they do switch on when they sense freezing cold temperatures, and off when the weather normalize. Nonetheless, there is always a button placed somewhere on the dashboard to help keep the wiper blades de-iced manually.

Why do you need a set of heated windscreen wiper blades

When you happen to drive any car with these wiper blades when it is snowing cold, you won’t wish your car to remain with the common wipers. They play a great role in ensuring visibility. Below listed are what you expect with these heated car windshield wiper blades:

  • They are reliable in performance, as in they will consistently keep your windshield clear
  • They increase visibility in a rainy day
  • They are made of quality and toughed silicone blades that endure extreme temperatures, hence are durable
  • They eliminate the frustrations caused by iced up wiper blades that could cause you to stop and have to bang the blades in the quest to free ‘em’.
  • You get the privilege of seating worm in your car as you let the heated blades melt the ice and clear the windshield for you
  • They increase the safety of having to ‘go in the snow,’ thus giving you that peace of mind.

As a matter of facts, you will love heated windshield wiper blades no matter what you are driving, be it a truck, plow vehicle, school bus, emergency vehicle, van, or your personal car. Also, you can get the blades for your vehicle whether it is a flat or curved windshield. All style are available, including side pin, hook, bayonet, or saddle mount.

What of future replacements?

These type of wiper blades are made in a way that you simply unplug the old set and plug in the new replacements. What else do you want while you have the solution you windshield’s clarity.

Anyway, you may want to get in touch with an expert to know the price of the heated wiper blades that will fit your car well. Then go on and make a call.


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