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What exactly are cardiac problems?

These problems are actually referred to as diseases, disorders or probably malfunctioning of heart including the supporting blood-delivery system (especially the arteries and the veins – blood vessels).

Types of cardiac problems

According to the best cardiologist in India, some of the cardiac problems faced by patients are segmented below:

  • Electrical: Such problems are stated to be a result of defective electrical system that controls the heartbeat. The heart tends to beat significantly much faster or probably abnormally slower. The heart beat may also become unsteady or infrequent. There could be at times, some irregular, serious heartbeats like arrhythmia that may turn into dangerous heart issues and cardiac arrest.
  • Structural: Such cardiac disorders are said to affect the heart structure, including cardiac muscle issues, birth defects, valve malfunctioning.
  • Circulatory: Such problems may be related to the body’s blood circulation system. The patient tends to suffer from coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. It results in heart attack, stroke and could prove to be fatal in case, it is not diagnosed properly and timely and left unattended.

Know the cardiac treatment types

Several types of cardiac treatments can be availed these days. Most of them are considered to be surgical procedures (minimal invasive and conventional types) aimed towards providing treatment to the major cause of heart related issues.

Some commonly performance treatment procedures

  • CABG (Coronary Artery By-pass Graft) Surgery: It is considered to be a common treatment that is offered for taking care of circulatory cardiac disorders. It is because of the hardened waxy substance (plaque) getting accumulated within the coronary arteries that coronary heart disease takes place. The obstruction can be removed through CABG procedure. In this type of surgery, a healthy artery or vein (from the leg of the patient) will be used as replacement for blocked coronary artery. Then the grafted blood vessel gets connected for bypassing the hindered portion of original coronary artery, as well as to restore the blood’s normal circulation in the heart.
  • The heart valve replacement surgical procedure: It is rather considered to be an accurate and innovative surgical procedure that requires replacing the faulty heart valve as well as prevent flowing back of blood to the heart position, from where it has exited. For treating faulty valve, the original valve is either to be replaced or an artificial one implanted in its place. It is a minimal invasive surgery that requires the surgeon to carry out small incisions of about 1 to 2 mm within the abdomen region. Then a flexible and small tube (catheter) is inserted within the abdomen, which is guided through the blood vessels, towards the heart. Advanced imaging techniques are likely to be used by the reputed heart specialist doctor in India to ensure that the catheter is guided to the heart valve that is malfunctioning.

Discussing with the well trained, well known, experienced cardiac surgeon or heart specialist will help the patient to know the types of treatment that is available for him to get quick remedy to his heart related issues.

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