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Good health of teeth, gums, and the entire dental structure is quite important and in fact necessary if you wish to remain healthy in all respects. Anything to be consumed by you for your good health passes through the mouth only. Teeth, gums, and other oral parts have an indispensable role to play when it comes to proper and complete digestion of the foods consumed by your body. Regretfully, some people suffer from certain problems related to their teeth. These may include damage or decaying of the teeth, missing of the teeth, cracked teeth, and so on. 

All these problems intervene with the normal functions of the teeth and hence the concerned persons may find it difficult to chew the foods eaten by them properly or they may be unable to eat some specific kinds of foods. To tackle and manage such dental issues, you may need to go ahead with the best suited London dental implant surgeries. There are different types of dental implant surgeries as discussed hereunder for the patients. Definitely, consultation with an expert and experienced dentist is necessary before you go ahead with any of the treatment options. 

Endosteal dental implant surgery

It is the most common type of London dental implant surgery that is recommended by dentists for patients. In this surgery, the implants are placed directly into the jawbone of the patients to make up for the lost or damaged tooth. It is also sometimes referred to as root-form implant surgery as the implantation is done directly to the base of the jawbone. Generally, the implants used in this type of surgery are in the shape of small screws, plates or cylinders. The patients may need some time for the tissues surrounding the implants to heal before the entire procedure is completed.

Subperiosteal dental implant surgery 

In this dental implant surgery, a metal frame is used so as to fit the same onto the jawbone beneath the gum tissues. The frame thus fitted gets fixed to the jawbone automatically with the healing of the gums. It is somewhat similar to the endosteal implant surgery as the artificial teeth are mounted to the posts. 

Dental implant surgery involving bone grafting 

This surgery is needed for such patients that have extremely thin or soft jawbones. Some portion of the bones taken from some other areas of the body is grafted into the jawbone so that it may firmly support the dental implant to be done. 

This was all about dental implant surgeries commonly available in London. You may go ahead with the best-suited option keeping in mind the specific problems being suffered by you. 

Consultation with your dentist lets you make the right decision. 

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