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Importance of proper maintenance of cooling systems

The companies that are using Industrial Cooling Products must ensure proper maintenance of the cooling equipments not only to prevent sudden failure of the system but also to ensure its maximum utility. Those who use evaporative cooling equipments can ensure smooth uninterrupted functioning of the cooling system by way of proper maintenance. Proper maintenance of the fan and motor of the cooling system is very important for their smooth functioning and prevention of sudden failures.

For regular maintenance of the cooling systems, the procedures are simple and will in no way affect the cooling equipments or the manufacturing plant. The manufacturing process will not be affected when the regular maintenance of the cooling system is carried out and the plant personnel are also unlikely to come across with disruption of work. As a result of regular maintenance of cooling equipments, the operation cost is substantially reduced and lifespan and efficiency of all the equipments are increased. Reduced downtime and less capital expenses are also the benefits of proper maintenance of the cooling equipments.

Evaporative cooling systems

Factories, warehouses, mechanical workshops, green houses, large scale kitchens and various other industries give preference to the Industrial Cooling Products which consume less amount of energy and are also cost-effective. As a result evaporative cooling systems are now widely used by various industries. For the processes in which air exchange is required in large volumes and direct expansion refrigeration is highly expensive, evaporative cooling is considered as the best solution to the cooling requirements. Different types of evaporative cooling systems are available such as Direct Systems, Indirect Systems and Hybrid Systems. In the Direct Systems, air at the desired temperature is supplied by reducing the temperature of the hot air coming from the plant or the processing unit by mixing it with the air outside. In case the air outside is too hot to provide air supply at the desired temperature, the temperature is reduced by wetting the medium through which the air passes. Among the different types of evaporative cooling systems, the Direct System is considered the most economical. For warehouses and other open sites, Direct System is the most ideal. In the case of indirect evaporative cooling systems, moisture is added separately from the airstream. Processing units and facilities that use the Indirect System for evaporative cooling are assured of the benefits of energy-efficient industrial cooling. Large industries and big commercial units find the Indirect System the most ideal for them. In the Hybrid Systems, the cooling is effected using finned technology and water is required only for the highest load conditions.

Highly innovative cooling systems

The highly innovative Industrial Cooling Products available today provide custom solutions for heating requirements. Modern cooling systems that are based on advanced heat-transfer technology ensure proper preservation of the assets kept inside for years. The state-of-the-art cooling products ensure efficient preservation of materials which are highly sensitive to temperature variations. These cooling products protect the materials in regular air conditions as well as hot air conditions. Preservation of critical materials as well as equipments in hot temperatures is no more a difficult task thanks to the highly innovative cooling equipments.

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