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used static caravans for sale

A static caravan is a ready-made house on wheels. They are also known as or Mobile-homes because it gives you the ability to transport it by vehicle if you want. It could be kept stationary in case the party wishes to live there permanently. You can utilize it as a holiday home too. As per the Mobile Homes Act in the UK, you can, with a residential license can live all year round in a park. A lot of parks over there are classified as non-residential. In case you want to keep it on your private land then a conversation with the local council is a must.

Where Should I look for them?

You can look for them online as well as offline. Few sites like could come in handy.

Distinct varieties of caravans available are as follows-

There are primly seven different kinds of second-hand caravans that money can buy-

Single Static Caravan- These are constructed as a unit-piece caravan and can be easily moved using a vehicle. Their size can vary where they can be more than 10ft (3.05 meters) in width and up to 45ft (13.72 meters) long. It goes well with single people or newly-weds. It also works like a charm for giving temporary rent during a self-assembling project.

  • Twin Static Caravan- These are constructed in sections with wheels being put under them and when needed, they could be coupled to form a single caravan.
  • Lodge- It got its name from its interior which looks familiar to the log cabin, can be offered as lodges.
  • Park home-It’s usually assembled with extra insulation and is often chosen by park owners.
  • Rough Cast- This park home is decorated with textured art on it.
  • Summer Caravan- This one comes without central heating and could be used in the winter too but additional attachments are needed.
  • Winter pack- Although, best to be used in the frosty weather, it can be used all year long.

Caravans are the ideal go-to homes if you like the wilderness of nature and don’t wish to be put into the concrete world. If you have a vehicle then it’s the cherry on the top because you can be mobile and move around and the world is your home, then. There are loads of websites (as mentioned before) those put used static caravans for sale. Go there and select your ideal home on wheels with ease. As they say that the world is a playground, well, you get an opportunity to play rather than being on the side-lines.

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