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A good cleaner can be hard to find, but your search often depends on the type of cleaning level that you are looking for. Finding the cleaning company that is right for you, can make a real difference in the level of service you receive. Commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning both require very different skill sets and equipment.

Tools And Materials That Are Being Used By The Company

Domestic and commercial cleaners will both have different tools and equipment. For example, a commercial cleaning company in Surrey would carry a much higher specification of equipment than a domestic cleaner typically would. There may also be a need for more advanced levels of cleaning solutions for disinfecting large-scale commercial buildings than there would be for a residential home. Steam cleaning and antiviral sanitization may also be used in commercial office cleaning. This ensures that any employees using this space will feel safe in the knowledge that their work environment is free of germs.

The Size And Scale Of The Area That Requires Cleaning

The size and scale of the commercial building that requires cleaning will directly impact how many cleaning staff it will take to complete the required job. Typically, a standard family home can be cleaned by a single domestic cleaner in a matter of a few hours or days per week. However, when it comes to large-scale commercial cleaning you may need to hire a team of professionals to ensure that the amount of floor space can be efficiently covered in an agreed timeframe. A clear plan of the proposed area will be essential for any staff taking on a new contract.

The Cleaning Process, In General

The cleaning process, in general, would work very differently for commercial cleaning and domestic cleans. In a domestic home, a cleaner would have a list of duties that would typically be far less time and effort intensive than that of a commercial cleaner. Tasks like making beds, and cleaning family areas, kitchens, and bathrooms would all be expected. Commercial cleaning would require additional steps and more complex cleaning procedures. There would likely be the need for carpet steam cleaning, antiviral sanitization, and floor polishing to name but a few.

Health And Safety Checks And Higher Expectations

Commercial cleaning also comes with a much higher level of checks, rules, and regulations to sign off on. In a commercial building, employers often have safety checks that must be met in order to keep their business running. These should be discussed in full during any initial meetings. Residential cleans are typically supervised or checked by the homeowner and are not met with any strict protocols that require sign-off.

How To Hire A Cleaner In Your Area

Hiring a cleaner is simple. The important thing to note is that you must always check references and statements first. This will help to ensure that you are working with a local firm that is trusted in the area you are based. Word-of-mouth reviews are also very helpful and worth seeking out.

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