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Many people abhor used cars thinking that it is not worth it. However, findings show that used cars are far better than new cars in many aspects.  For example, used cars are far cheaper than new cars. Studies show that used cars are usually 50% cheaper than new ones and you can still get similar value from both.  Car dealers will also not charge you as much money on used cars as they will charge on new cars.  The bulk of depreciation has occurred already on used cars and you will never have to pay any exaggerated fee on the car. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you more of the benefits of buying a used car. 

Effect on the environment 

Buying used cars can reduce the demand for new cars and this will undoubtedly reduce the rate of production of new cars. Studies show that a lot of carbon dioxide is produced during manufacturing process. Buying used cars will, therefore, reduce the quantity of carbon monoxide thus produced.  A reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide will help to reduce environmental pollution.  

The impact of new hybrid cars on the environment is also degenerative.  For one, the nickel-metal hydride, lead acid and lithium-ion batteries used in new hybrid cars can increases the amount of toxic waste on the environment, which can have a negative impact on the human health.  You will never have to worry about such things if you buy used cars from car dealers. 

Lower registration fees also assured 

Most states demand the payment of huge annual fees on new cars. The amount you pay as annual registration fee on your car depends a great deal on the model year and monetary value of that car.  The amount you will be charged will be higher on cars not older than three years. The cost is highly reduced on cars that are up to 5 years or more. Consequently, you can save thousands of dollars off annual registration fees on used cars that are older than five years.  You should always consider cars older than five years when patronizing car dealers. 

Lower insurance premium 

Also, used cars attract lower insurance premium compared to a new car. Even if your new car is involved in an accident, the insurance company will only pay you the value of that car as at that time and not its value as a new car; this will leave a gap between the worth of the car and the purchase price.   Depreciation has already occurred in used cars and gap insurance is not necessary. The benefits of used cars are numerous and you will never regret buying one, provided you properly investigate it before you buy.

Where to get a good one

Many car dealers claim to be reliable, but studies have shown that they are far from being reliable. If you need good used cars that will serve you perfectly, there is no better place to visit than Carzing. This outlet has proved to be reliable over the years and you can read the full article about this dealership here.        


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