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E-waste has become a global talking point among environmental causes and organisations, with consumers’ disposable attitude to new smartphones and upgraded devices meaning that more tech items than ever before are being discarded and ending up in a landfill.

E-waste is the term which describes electronic products and devices which are no longer required by their owner, with the increasing rate of new devices and upgraded releases meaning that the lifespan of a device is growing shorter by the year. Of course, it is not the e-waste itself which is damaging but rather how it is handled and disposed of – with Tech Tiger offering one solution which focuses on recycling and refurbishing, whether that means a safely recycled Kindle or the resale of a refurbished iPhone 11.

In this blog, we’re highlighting the damage that can be caused when e-waste is not funnelled into a refurbishment or recycling program – and why consumers like you should care about where your unwanted tech ends up.

The Problem With E-Waste

The problem with e-waste is multi-faceted, starting with the fact that technology has now become something which is frequently replaced with new releases and upgraded devices, and ending with the environmental damage and the long term implications of e-waste being thrown into landfill.

The pollutants emitted by e-waste which is not disposed of and recycled safely can cause immense environmental damage to both the area surrounding the landfill site and to the ecosystems which are fed and impacted by that land. When personal devices and mobile phones are simply thrown into landfill, they start to break down and release their hazardous chemicals into the land – which feeds the nearby water systems, affects soil matter, and contaminates surrounding ecosystems.

This ultimately comes back to us via our food chain and natural water sources – making this a problem that we cannot and should not ignore.

Why Should I Care?

It might seem like one discarded smartphone isn’t likely to do much damage – and that any damage it does cause is unlikely to impact you directly. However, it’s attitudes like this which have led to e-waste levels reaching more than 53 million tons a year – with projections of over 74 million tons by 2030.

While slowing down the rate of development in the tech industry is near impossible, what we can change is the way that consumers interact with the tech industry about disposing of unwanted devices and purchasing new vs. refurbished devices and products.

The Tech Tiger Solution

An alternative to disposing of your unwanted smartphone or device, not only does the Tech Tiger solution save you from adding to the rising issue of e-waste, but it also provides cash in exchange for your unwanted item. By selling your device to us, you can benefit from quick and easy cash in your bank account or engage in a tech exchange whereby you can trade-in an old item to earn money off a new device from our preloved marketplace site.

E-waste is something that we are all responsible for, with small changes like this are the best way of combatting the damage being caused.

Post Author: Kathy