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The varicose vein is a condition of twisted, swollen vein usually underneath the skin. A recent study reported that about 23% of Britishers are suffering from this condition. In medical terms, the cause of developing veins is owing to lack of proper functioning of the valves, causing blood to pool up into the vein which in turn become blemish and swollen.

Before, you visit varicose veins treatment Manchester orthopaedic or similar other doctors, here at ten home remedies you can try to get some sort of relief.

  1. Exercise

Half an hour of exercise for some days will improve the circulation of blood within the legs, thus reducing the varicose veins condition. But, you need to regular with the exercise.

  1. Compression Stockings

Another home remedy for the varicose vein is the compression of the affected area. You can easily get the compression stocking at a local pharmaceutical store.

  1. Diet Change

Little tweaks in your meal plate can significantly lower the impact of the varicose veins. Cut down on salty food as they are known to retain water.

  1. Have More Flavonoids

Add more flavonoids to your diet, as numerous medical studies over the years suggest that it plays an integral role in helping the individual to shrink the swollen varicose veins.

  1. Herbal Remedies

There are several herbal remedies you can execute to get long-term relief from your varicose vein condition. It is best if you speak to the old lady in your home, she can be your mom or your mother-in-law to recommend the best home herbal remedy.

  1. Avoid Non-Restrictive Clothing

Avoid wearing tight fit jeans as they can hinder the flow of blood into the legs. If possible wear clothing that let your legs breathe easy, here you can seek the advice of an orthopaedic doctor.

  1.  Keep The Legs Elevated

Not just a home remedy, this is often recommended by orthopaedic doctors. When you keep your legs elevated the flow of blood improves, and the swelling at the leg area become less serve.

  1. Massage

Another proven home remedy you can try when you are under doctor supervision is to do regular massage. Doing massage for five minutes will improve the blood flow within the legs, thus reducing the varicose vein problem.

  1.  Keep Moving

Don’t let the swollen vein hinder your lifestyle, keep on moving. Doing so will keep the flow of blood smooth throughout the legs.

  1. Plant Extracts

There are many plant extracts that are known to give genuine relief from the varicose veins condition. But, before you try them, talk to someone those have recently received some sort of relief from it.

Even if you get positive results from trying the above-mentioned home remedies, don’t forget to consult varicose veins treatment Manchester professionals.

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