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In the buy of for children  outdoor play equipment one should judge things objectively: childhood is the foundational stage of life, from the fetus, newborns, infants and young children, pre-school children to adolescents who are constantly in the process of growth and development. Their dynamic characteristics are different from adults, at different ages they are also vary widely. You must realistically consider the extent to which you reach the intellectual and physical development of the children, to select the correct play equipment for children. From birth to 1 year of age for childhood, this period of physiological characteristics are growing faster than ever, neuronal development is also very fast, immunity weak, the susceptibility to infectious diseases. You can buy upholstered stuffed children’s toys, a rattle, tightening toys and so on. 1 to 3 years old is early childhood, this period of slow physical growth of childhood, but the language and behavior markedly improved, he would walk again, but there is a sense of security awareness and self-protection, prone to accidents Optional playground equipment for children are balls, toys, building blocks, toy cars, toy house, puzzle toys, beach toys, etc.

Instructions for purchasing playground equipment

  • Measure your play area.
  • Calculate the space needed around the equipment. Consider the necessary free space so that swings and children’s tendency to jump, for example.
  • Identify natural characteristics, such as climbing trees or grass.
  • Consider any material you already have on hand, such as swing tires, climbing ropes or logs.
  • Count the children capable of playing on the team. If only a child will play there, a seesaw is a waste; A sandbox could be better.
  • Look at the ground. If you are going to need to cover with sand, shavings or rubber mats, figure in your budget.
  • Shop of wood and steel equipment. If you live in a cold or rainy climate, remember that you can stainless steel pipes. Consider wood from the weather.

Tips and warnings

  • Rules for playground equipment vary slightly from state to state. In general, the team should not have outgoing edges to pick up clothes; there are vacancies between 3.5 and 9 inches to catch the head of a child; and there are no openings greater than 3/8 inch and smaller than 1 inch that could catch a child’s finger.
  • If you decide on a litter box, try to keep the cat out of it.
  • Always watch children using playground equipment.

Team attitude

When you are part of a team, you create a team attitude. This means that the child stops thinking for a few hours about himself to focus on the group he belongs to. This attitude promotes the sporting spirit, as well as the cooperation between partners. Children learn to work together to achieve a common goal, even when a child is not a friend of another or does not get along. Learning to work with people of different personalities and backgrounds is the key in school age.

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