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Every High school student eagerly awaits for a single day which signifies the end of their basic education career. No, I am not talking about Graduation day but of a day that is more about fun than sentimentality, a day that you get to kick back and relax but also prove to your peers that isn’t the end of your journey, this is just the beginning.

I am talking of course about Prom.

Prom is that milestone which is looked forward to from the moment you step into High-school. Some girls start planning for it from the minute they enter senior year. Planning committees are set up to make sure that every aspect of the up-coming prom is perfect. From the food, party favours, traditions, set-up, music, chaperones and of course the theme, everything is hand-picked and deliberated on by the student body and why shouldn’t they take such lengths to make this night perfect?

After all this is the one night where they can party and celebrate on school grounds without being told off by their teachers. It’s a brave new world!


HAVE FUN: The first step to having the perfect prom is obvious. Make sure that you’re going there to have fun with your friends and your special someone. Enjoy yourself! Because a Prom without your friends to party with, it’s just sad and empty. So make sure that your whole squad is there to dance the night away with you.

DRESS: The next step is find the perfect Prom dress. Remember your dress is your statement to the world. It is a representation of who you are and who you will become. This dress is what you will remember for the rest of your life whenever you think the word “Prom.” It is important to go to a store that houses all sizes ranging from extra small to plus size prom dresses, so that the issue of size availability does not arise.

PICTURES: Prom is one of the most memorable moments of your life. So be sure to take lots of pictures in your pretty dress; posing with your friends, dancing with that special someone and just all around rocking it! These pictures are imperative in making sure that you have physical proof of your magical night.

TRADITIONS: Like any other milestone party, Prom is not without its traditions. Remember to participate in them because you’ll regret you doing it all later in life or even when you see your friends in that position. Don’t let yourself be left out. Make sure that you are in the thick of things and enjoying yourself to the fullest.

FOOD: Now for the most important tip to have a successful prom: MAKE SURE THE FOOD IS GOOD! Because let’s face it, food makes our world go round and if it isn’t good on one of the best nights of your life, than that will be a let-down you will remember forever.  

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