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A number of companies have been planning to launch their Mirror Glass TVs for a considerable length of time. These Mirror Glass TVs are being specifically designed for workplaces, luxurious hotels and for extravagant living rooms right across the country. The one of a kind mirror glass screen enables pictures to be displayed at a variety of sizes, which range from 14″ up to a stunning 98″. We at Custom Controls tried a mirror glass TV for the first time and were amazed by the quality!

The use of the all glass technology in TVs makes it ideal for mounting it in places where it was once considered dangerous to be placing such electronic devices. These places include your outdoor area, kitchen, bathroom and near swimming pools. These mirror glass TVs are easy to use and provide a tremendous viewing experience. All you need to do is to hang them in any area that you desire, and then you can control the TV through a traditional remote or through a single touch of the screen itself, or even using voice automated technology such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Since this TV is not actually mounted into the wall, you will not have to deal with any of the hassle that comes with a traditional TV set in terms of attaching it to the wall.

The best feature about these all mirror glass screen TVs is the  touch screen control technology that it uses. Through these touch screen features, you can quickly swipe through anything you want on the screen. Yes, using these Mirror Glass TVs is that easy!

This unique piece of innovative technology will add that extra spark to your home and workplace. Who does not want to enjoy a warm bath with a great movie without having to worry about their TV set getting damaged? I know I would love to do that!

Apart from the touchscreen, the remote and the voice automated devices, you can also control these Mirror Glass TVs through the app on your mobile device or your tablet. This mirror glass TV technology is truly extraordinary and is currently offered by Agath, but more companies are expected to launch their products in the near future.

Home audio video installations experts Custom Controls recommend the Agath TV for now as the best mirror glass TV currently on the market. Have you tried it before? Let us know!

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