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There is no doubt about it, weddings are an expensive affair. The average cost of a wedding in Australia is just over $65,000 and this doesn’t look like it’ll be coming down anytime soon.

Of course, your wedding needs to be the day you always dreamt it would so we’re going to look at a few ways in which you can reduce the overall cost without losing out on those special finishing touches that will make your day unique and one to remember.

Shop Around and DIY

Most things are often cheaper in bulk and the same applies to many of the items you’ll need for your wedding. Consider gathering a few friends and making your own wedding invitations over the course of a few evenings. They’ll be more personal to you and your guests and will save you hundreds of dollars from your budget.

Don’t Forget to Negotiate

Everyone likes a bargain and there is no better place to haggle than with wedding suppliers. They are all interested in obtaining your business and may offer you more of a discount than you would expect, especially if you’re ordering a number of services from them. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Feeding Your Guests

Food for all of your friends and family is usually a significant aspect of any wedding budget. Instead of going for the usual round of canapes as a starter, consider a table laid with nibbles for everyone. You guests can enjoy a drink and some food whilst mingling before the sit-down meal.

Table Decorations

Rather than flowers for each table, another fun option is glass jars and holders containing candles or lights. They look just as nice and can be given away as gifts at the end of the night.

Set the Date

The time of year you decide to tie the knot will have a big impact upon the price you pay for your venue and reception. Summer is often the busiest and most expensive time of year with Winter being cheaper. You can even pencil in a weekday instead of the traditional weekend which will almost guarantee a cheaper rate or discount from the venue.

Location is Key

Make sure you compile a shortlist of suitable venues and then vet each one using your preferred criteria.  There are many well known and highly regarded wedding venues in Sydney so be sure to compare what they all have to offer. Once you’ve received a few quotes, see if you can play them off against each other to secure a better deal.

Hair and Makeup

Your beauty plans for the day will also take up a considerable amount of your budget. Consider enlisting the help of a few friends within your bridal party to provide these services free of charge or in return for a few freebies. You’ll save a chunk of money and might be able to use a lot of the makeup that is left over.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to experiment and have fun.

Post Author: Christy White

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