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It doesn’t matter what your goal, ambitions or future aspects are when it comes to travelling to Canada. Canada is a marvelous and magnificent country for all your dreams to come true. Canada welcomes hundreds and thousands of immigrants every year with open heart. Whether you are a business man, student, tourist or a worker, Canada is a hot spot destination for every one of them. This country has favorable Government policies, ideal environment to work and study. This is the reason people from across the globe is attracted to Canada. Whether you are here to enjoy the scenic beauty as a tourist or an adventurist to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking etc. it is the perfect destination for you. With strong economic conditions and favorable Government policies it is an haven for those who are seeking great opportunities to achieve a lot in life be it a student or a business man. For all this, you surely need a visa to visit the country. You can select the type of visa depending on your requirement.Visitor visa Canada facilitates single entry or multiple entry.

Requirements for Tourist Visa to visit Canada

Here is the checklist that will help you in applying for tourist visa:

  • Your valid passport of the country to which you are a citizen
  • Medical certificate
  • Police verification receipt
  • Letter of invitation
  • You have enough proof to convince immigration officer that you have enough reason to come back to your home country like immovable assets, dependents etc.
  • You will have to convince the immigration officer that you will leave the country before the visa expires.
  • You are financially sound to support your visit to the country. You should have enough fund to support your family, if they are accompanying you.

How to apply for tourist visa?

There are many agencies who may help you to fill up the application form for visitor visa. Nile migration offers a free assessment form which when filled by you, will be reviewed by their experienced staff. Nile migration’s immigration specialist will then arrange for a meeting to brief you about the procedural details.

Applying for Visitor visa for Canada is a two-step process which involves:

First step: you must first submit visa application to the concerned Canadian visa office in the country or area where you belong.You have the option to submit the visa online or to submit it in person. After submitting the application, it will be reviewed by the immigration officer. You will be called for interview with the immigration officer in which he will verify all your documents and your reason to visit the country. He will also check your intentions regarding your willingness to leave the country before the visa expires.

Second step: after examining your application and rating your interview with the immigration officer your visa will be granted to you. You will be asked to produce your visa at the port of entry

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