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A blanket always brings comfort but when it’s the right one. As any other things a horse’s blanket is also available in different varieties but you have to pick the one that best suits your horse. There are primarily two types of blankets that we commonly see: one is for warming your horse and another is for giving a cool effect to your horse on an extremely hot, sunny day.

Types of horse blanket

Stable blankets: Stable rugs are basically something we call a night blanket. Your horse can wear it when you are keeping your horse in a stall during the night. This type of rug is best fitted when the temperature is pretty cool and your horse needs to get a warming feel. These blankets are mostly prepared with a lightweight fabric but these blankets are good enough to give your horse a feeling of comfort.

Cooler blanket:  As a stable blanket can be worn in low temperature, you can buy a cooler blanket for your horse to let your horse feel the pleasure of a cooling effect on a hot, sunny day. These types of blankets are specially designed to engross the sweat in during summer days.

Fly rugs: Fly rugs are specially designed to keep your horse safe from the bites of the harmful insects. This blanket will cover the exposed portion of your horse’s body like the belly. Also these rugs are able to give your horse UV safe protection.

Rain sheets: The word people mostly use while buying a blanket for their horse is “Waterproof’’. A rain sheet is basically a waterproof blanket that will keep your horse safe during the monsoon season. On a rainy day when you are riding your horse you can completely depend on this rug. But it is advised to the buyers that you should always buy a rain blanket that has been prepared with a good quality breathable fabric otherwise it can cause skin rashes.

No matter if you are buying a stable rug or fly rugs you have to emphasise on the size of your horse perfectly. Without a proper measure, any blanket will be useless. Also consider the weather of your horse’s living environment. If your horse is living in chilled weather you are advised to buy a blanket that is made with quality wool. 

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