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Tubular heaters often termed as electronic devices used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. They are mainly used to heat and illuminate a particular area. In colder countries, these devices are primarily used to maintain the optimum temperature in the home and workplace. These devices are very cost-effective and preferred for their low-cost heating feature. They are generally straight, but at times come with one or more than one bends.

Advantages and Usage

Tubular heaters offer the cheapest possible way of heating using a limited amount of electricity. These devices consume less energy as compared to fan heaters. Prevents dampness occurring in closed garages, basement area of the house, parking lots, inside cupboards, etc. Apart from that, they are even used in home greenhouses. Due to their low rate of power consumption, these are preferred in industrial environments, and places that are quite difficult to heat.

In addition to that, it can be used in warehouses, farm buildings, car washes, docks. In relatively colder countries, it’s almost impossible to survive without background heating. Hence these heaters are lifesavers. They even protect against frost. These devices are extremely reliable since they are designed with safety measures. Such devices come with thermal overload cut-out protection. Keeping safety requirements in mind they are designed with splash-proof coatings.

Features of tube heaters 

  • The main features consist of notable energy efficiency, integrated thermostatic control, and low wattage. 
  • They are available in multiple sizes, 6 to be precise starting from 300mm to 1800mm.
  • Sometimes two heaters combined, that is, put side by side to double the amount of heat fulfilling the temperature requirement.
  • These are made with lightweight aluminium.
  • Their temperature can rise to 120c.


Though tube heater is considered to be the safest possible heating method as per the popular saying, “precaution is better than cure” we should keep some safety measures in mind. Always attach a tube heater guard to your device for proper assurance. Keep the heater at a proper distance away from furniture, curtain, clothes, and ovens. Since their temperature can rise hence, make sure that the children, elderly, and physically or mentally unfit people don’t have a reach to these heaters. Try not to buy second hand or used heaters. While purchasing make sure they have relevant safety marks on them. 

Therefore, to enjoy a nice cosy winter with amazing warmth of the summer make sure you install these magical devices at your home, office, and other spaces. You can either buy them from the nearest stores or order online. 

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