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Mention of CCTV security systems, when chatting amongst friends, can often provoke debate. Some people feel that CCTV cameras are part of a ‘Big Brother’ culture, whilst others are reassured by them. In fact, well run CCTV systems are far more likely to help than hinder citizens. For instance they can provide invaluable evidence in court, helping to prosecute offenders who have caused trouble in public areas. Moreover they play a significant role as a deterrent, making places like car parks considerably safer, especially at night.

Moreover, with the advent of digital technology, CCTV systems are gaining benefits from powerful, assistive computer software. Hence, video content analysis is often offered as part of a digital CCTV package. Amongst other things, video content analysis, through cunning algorithms, helps to spot unusual or irregular patterns of movement in sensitive areas. Modern CCTV systems can therefore be more anticipatory, helping to prevent security breaches before they happen.

More specifically, today’s CCTV systems can be integrated with alarm systems. They can be, most usefully, programmed to trigger an alarm automatically based on certain parameters entered by security personnel.

Finally, with the arrival of the computer-network based IP security camera, it is now possible for operations managers to review video content, effectively, from any location with an internet connection able to handle video streaming. This enables key security personnel, who are perhaps working from home, or otherwise out of the office, to make quick decisions, and co-ordinate a rapid response, if required.

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