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Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to create professional-looking photo prints at home. With these simple hints and tips, anyone can create sharp, eye-catching photographs with just a digital camera, computer and inkjet printer.

Start With a High Quality Image

The highest quality image images make the best printers. There are a number of ways to optimise image quality:

• Increase the photo resolution. On most digital cameras, this can be done on the settings menu. The higher the resolution, the better the detail and clarity in the image. 5-megapixel resolution is suitable for 10×8” photographs, while posters and panoramas will need 10-megapixels or more.

• Choose the right file format. In general, TIFF files produce crisper, better quality images than JPEG files.

• Use software to enhance images. Software can be used to make images look sharper and brighter, to remove blemishes and to experiment with lighting.

Use the Right Printer

Inkjet printers produce considerably higher quality photographs than laser printers. Also, those with separate colour printer cartridges generally produce more realistic images. For the best results, look for printers that are designed for printing photographs, and always use the printer ink that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Preparing to Print

Before printing, it’s a good idea to adjust a printer’s settings so they are optimised for printing photographs. Choose the highest quality setting available. Also, use the settings menu to tell the printer what paper or card will be used. For the most realistic images, use a high quality photo paper.

Post Author: Kathy