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With airport car parking being one of the key decisions linked to your travel plans, it is imperative that you spare a thought in advance towards this aspect so as to avoid any hassles at the eleventh hour!

A careful analysis of the different airport parking options, by searching the best deals online, can unfold for you the various choices; thereby helping you select the option which you deem the best.

Airport parking options and parking rates: Most of the airport parking options can be explored and pre-booked from the convenience of your home. You should, preferably, go through these options – chiefly including Airport Park and Ride service; On Airport Parking; and Meet & Greet services – well in advance, so that you can keep your airport parking costs to the minimum.

Since two parking rates – one for pre-booked parking space and one on arrival – typically prevail at most airports, it is advisable that you select the airport parking option that suits your needs and book you parking space in advance. You have to pay the ‘pre-booked’ parking rate at the airport if you book in advance; or else you have to pay the ‘gate rate’ when you reach the airport parking without pre-booking, and pay for the parking on that day itself.

Some of the most common types of airport parking services, which you can select when you pre-book your parking at Heathrow airport or at some other airport, are:

On Airport Parking:

This type of parking pertains to the parking advantage within the perimeter of the airport; and the parking cost is higher if your selected parking space is closer to the terminals. Since the terminals of big Parking Heathrow Airport can be fairly huge, you should ideally check the transfer times as well as the distance to the terminals beforehand.

Off Airport Parking:

Airport parking of This type is located outside the boundary of the airport. As such, it is essential to check transfer times well in advance so as to avoid any hassles later on. At times, some of the car parks outside the airport are unexpectedly closer than the on-airport parking facility.

Airport Park and Ride:

Similar to park and ride parking services at the city centres, this kind of airport parking is a common airport parking service, which assures convenient access to the airport terminals. It includes the pickup facility from the airport car park and the drop back on the scheduled return date; with your car remaining securely parked in the car park.

Meet and Greet Airport Parking:

This pre-booked parking service simply requires you to drive to the terminals – which at Heathrow airport are as many as five – and leave the car parking hassle to the car park operators. When you return, your car is dropped back at the terminal of your arrival flight.

You need to know the different airport parking options for selecting the best one, that your travel plans can be well-worked-out right at the beginning;and secure airport car parking paves your way for problem-free travel at the very outset!

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