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If you think that looking stylish and fashionable is essentially a woman’s prerogative, you’ll be quite surprised to know that men are becoming increasing conscious of their looks, and are leaving no stone unturned to make a style statement with their clothes! Most men are aware of the importance of looking good, and often go all out to find a perfect match of their pants and shirts to look their best, especially when it comes to making a striking impression.

Match pants and shirts of complementary colours: To get a perfect match of pants and shirts, it is essential that you select complementary colours for both the garments. For formal and office wear, you should basically stick to the time-tested ‘neutral’ colours, like white, cream, beige, or blue for shirts; and match them with black, grey or dark blue pants. The style and cut of formal-wear shirts and pants should also be what can be called ‘standard,’ sans any conspicuous embellishments.

However, you can experiment with colours and styles in case of casual-wear shirts and pants; but keep the ‘compatibility’ factor in mind. It will be absolutely outlandish to match clashing colours, like a red T-shirt with a white of navy blue pant, or a black pant with orange or yellow T-shirts! For the perfect look, the colours of your shirt and pant should not only blend with each other, but also merge with your personality to give an overall impression of a well-groomed man.

Use fabrics of matching texture: Most men often overlook the ‘fabric’ aspect of their shirts and pants, and pick up just about any combination of fabric for their clothes. A little more consideration to the fabrics that you select for your shirts and pants will help you get a perfect match. In addition to that you can get your favorite design/pattern digitized on your T-shirts by getting in touch with a professional embroidery digitizing service provider. Learn to differentiate between cotton, semi-cotton, and synthetic fabrics, particularly in the case of shirts and T-shirts; and them match them with your cotton, denim or non-denim pants. Wearing too flashy or too dazzling a shirt with a staid cotton pant is definitely a fashion faux pas, as is wearing a plain cotton shirt with a pant made of synthetic fabric. You can avoid such a disastrous dressing style by selecting shirt and pant fabrics which are of matching texture.

Seek advice if required: If you are one of those men who are totally clueless about what colours and what fabrics to match in your shirts and pants, you can seek advice on the issue, to get a perfect match of your clothing. You can talk to your friends, male as well as female, about men’s fashion. And, if you feel shy or uncomfortable to talk to someone, you can search the Internet or go through magazines and catalogues to seek professional help with regard to the perfect styling and ‘shirt-pant matching’ options.

Since a well-groomed and neatly-dressed look can go a long way in opening new opportunities for you at your workplace or while attending high-profile official meetings, or even while dating, it is absolutely imperative that you always ‘rise to the occasion’ by turning up in perfectly matched shirts and pants!

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