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Normally, the dandruff is caused due to excessive oily scalp, which promotes the growth of fungus. However, the dry scalp also creates the same symptoms of tiny white flakes of skin and irritating itchiness on the scalp skin. However, the right treatment can help in diminishing both problems and an effective shampoo can be useful in treating both dry scalp and dandruff. Hence, you should use the best shampoo for dry scalp India, to combat this apparently similar problem to dandruff. 

The main reasons for dry scalp 

Old age is one of the main causes of dry scalp, when the skin loses the natural moisture, resulting in faster production of dead skin cells that come off as white flakes. Too much exposure to the cold and dry air of winter can cause this problem, mainly in colder regions. However, too long stay in the air-conditioned room also can create the same effect in some people, mainly in the elderly ones. Like dandruff, the infection of dermatitis may occur due to a reaction of any chemical shampoo or other hairstyling products. 

Positive effects of anti-dandruff shampoo 

A good quality anti-dandruff shampoo contains the medication that is required for stopping the fungal growth. This shampoo also contains moisturizers that can cure the dryness of the scalp. Moreover, you need to choose carefully the dandruff shampoo for dyed hair, if you used hair color regularly. Ketomac shampoo with 2% aqueous suspension of Ketoconazole is considered as the perfect choice in this regard. Thus, lots of certified dermatologists prescribe the use of this shampoo, to cure the problem of dandruff or dry scalp.  

Actions of Ketomac shampoo on dandruff

Ketomac shampoo contains Ketoconazole, a component that penetrates the cell membrane of the fungus that causes dandruff. As the cell membrane ruptures, the cell organelles become unprotected and eventually dry up and the cell dies. Thus, the user gets relief from dandruff very quickly after using this shampoo as directed by the doctor. The dose of this medicated shampoo is decided by the doctor and you need to strictly adhere to it. You should rinse the shampoo well on your wet scalp and hair, to produce thick, foamy lather. You must leave the shampoo on your scalp for around 15 minutes and then wash thoroughly with water at room temperature. The limited use of this shampoo will not fade off your hair color and you can expect the same shine of your hair as seen immediately after applying the hair dye. Thus, Ketomac is considered as the best shampoo for dry scalp India.

Ketomac shampoo is now also used in spas and hair salons, to provide satisfactory treatment to the hair of their customers. So you can safely use this dandruff shampoo for dyed hair and beautify your look with healthy and shiny hair. However, you also need to reduce the intake of too much oily and junk food, to get a faster cure from the problem of dandruff. The regular intake of healthy foods and lots of water is also advised for people suffering from dry scalp.

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