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Hippocrates is considered the father of natural medical practices including diseases treatments, understanding of patients’ health importance, mind independence and harmony need in between natural, social and individual environment. These natural practices are the most important aspects of the ancient history of Greek medicine. 

How Healthcare Knowledge has been Boosted up by Hippocrates

Hippocrates is the inventor of modern or western medicine. Every medical practitioner of the current era considers him as the god of medicine. He developed a strong framework for improving contemporary medicine especially scientific and rational medicine. It is the Hippocratic tradition that can enhance the medicinal knowledge of modern practitioners to a great extent. Every doctor abides this tradition and takes a Hippocratic Oath before entering into the field of medicine. 

Disease and health’s humoral theory and vitalism are completely dependent on Hippocratic tradition. In fact, this tradition has shaped modern medicinal knowledge in a perfect way. Hippocrates taught many advanced medical practices that can not only upgrade the medicinal field but can also improve patients’ condition.  Medicinal ethics can also be learnt from the valuable lessons taught by this great father. 

Hippocratic tradition has created the base of different kinds of medical specialties of the modern age. Oncology issues can be now easily and efficiently tackled if this tradition and its related medical principles are followed on a sincere note. This tradition has made the physicians think rationally which is very much needed to give the best treatment to the patients. Some of the popular themes covered by Hippocratic texts are connections of practice and teaching, medicinal limits, search for medicinal benefits and bedside humanism. 

Medical actions have been properly justified by Hippocratic ethical principles. Physicians can now easily learn about the best techniques for taking good care of the patients. Medical professionals have learned how to implement rational thinking for taking correct medical decisions without any confusion. In fact, it is with the help of the Hippocratic principles that medical professionals can now easily predict the outcome of the implemented medical practices. This prediction has ultimately resulted in huge success of the medicinal practice.

Hippocratic physicians usually use the power of nature for treating different kinds of critical diseases or illnesses of human beings. Hippocrates accumulated data from varied sources and conduct intensive experiments over them in order to make the society free from supernatural or superstitious beliefs. He stated that all human beings are exposed to diseases and these diseases are quite natural and not any curse.  He has improved the disease detection and elimination process by enhancing the body’s natural resistance and immunity system.

He has tried restoring both harmony and health by overcoming metallic imbalances of living beings. He has also thoroughly discussed the basic elements of the human body that determines the health condition. 

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