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Today security is very important to most homeowners, to protect both their families and their homes. There are a number of things that can be done in order to protect you the obvious would be an alarm, but there are further measures that will protect you. First of all to consider are your windows and doors – just how secure are they?

It is important to think about how strong they are, anything with single glazing is much easier to smash through than double glazing and older windows and doors might be outdated in terms of the locking systems installed and the way the door fits. Windows with wooden frames are something that can be particularly insecure if they have been unprotected from aging; if the wood has become rotten it can be torn away from the building with just a few tools, and they won’t have to get past the window or it’s locking to do it.

Of course modern doors and windows are made with the latest security in mind; keeping the letter boxes away from the locks to protect them from the inside, in a lot of cases this also means attaching multiple locks (popularly a combination of a rim latch and a mortice deadlock) to increase the security. In some cases these are still alongside a door chain and a door viewer, to further increase the security.

Keeping doors and windows locked goes without saying, but it is essential that the locking and the door or windows are actually able to hold their own. With some of the newer doors and windows that are made from much stronger materials, like the uPVC doors and windows, which won’t be damaged by weather or age and stand better structurally against any attempts at forced entry or property damage. Something else that is not present on a lot of older doors is the hinge bolt, which makes it harder to horse the door open and prevents it from being lifted away from the hinges.

In the majority of modern doors that are fitted with glass there is in fact a layer of grilles that prevents entry even if someone does manage to break through the glass, it also helps to strengthen the glass against damage, as it will protect the second layer of glass from the attack force. There are of course a lot of other things you can do to protect the security of your home besides having your windows and doors changed, having an alarm fitted is an obvious one and can act as a strong deterrent against any burglars. Fitting CCTV is an option that is growing in popularity, particularly with all of the newer options in CCTV that look better and are cheaper to buy.

The final, and a very popular option, is to get a dog. These are proven to be great for deterring any burglars, as their barking will usually frighten them away and alert you to the intruder, besides which they are well known as loyal and loving companions. The safety and security of your family and home is obviously very important to you, and a majority of measures towards ensuring that security are, such as replacing doors and windows, inexpensive and simple to pursue.

Written by Sell Own House real estate agency.

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