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For most of us, our printer is an essential tool. Yet, they’re not always the most reliable machines! There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to print an important document then being plagued with printer problems and error messages. Thankfully, the majority of printer problems can be resolved quickly and easily. Here are some solutions to common errors:

My Document Doesn’t Print

Most modern printers have built in diagnostic tools. They are designed to troubleshoot and resolve printer problems, giving the user step by step instructions to help pinpoint the issues. Failed print jobs may also have to be manually cancelled via the Windows Control Panel. If these measures fail to resolve the issue, a simple printer reboot may be all that’s required to get the machine working correctly again.

My Print Doesn’t Look Right

If the printout is lighter than expected or contains white patched, the print heads may be clogged. This often happens if the printer hasn’t been used for some time. Most printer software has a head cleaning tool that can solve this problem.

If the printout has colours missing or lacks contrast, one of the printers ink cartridges might be empty. Simple replacing the empty printer cartridge will resolve this problem. If not, the print head may need to be cleaned.

A printout containing jagged vertical lines is a sign that the print heads are out of alignment. This happens to all printers over time. Again, the printer software should have a tool to realign the print heads.

Post Author: Kathy