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If you are currently looking at renovating or updating your home, one of the first things you might consider is whether to stick with your central heating, or install electric underfloor heating. This heating type is growing in popularity and may soon become standard in most new-build homes. Want to know more? Here’s what makes underfloor heating an increasingly popular choice.

Electric Underfloor Heating Is Easy To Install

Don’t be put off by the thought of potential underfloor heating installation issues. Electric underfloor heating is surprisingly easy to install and doesn’t have to be a lengthy or complex process. Installing electric underfloor heating is easiest when you already have home updates or full renovations planned, as you will need to have access to the sub-flooring in order to install it. However, once this has been exposed, the installation time is surprisingly fast. By finding a trusted electric underfloor heating provider and a dedicated team of professional fitters, you can arrange a desired deadline and completion time that is mutually suitable.

Underfloor Heating Can Be Installed Beneath Many Different Flooring Types

There are not many limitations when it comes to installing electric underfloor heating. Many people worry about their intended choice of flooring and whether it will be compatible, but the truth is that electric underfloor heating works well with most flooring types. You can even install underfloor heating with carpet. Popular choices of flooring that compliment underfloor heating particularly well are wooden flooring, tiled floors, and heatconducting carpet such as wool.

Easy To Control And Personalise

Underfloor heating makes life easier thanks to its ability to be controlled. Some types of underfloor heating can be accessed via your phone, allowing you to set your home to the perfect cosy temperature after a long day at the office. You can leave underfloor heating switched on and running at a consistent temperature or turn it on as and when it is needed. This allows you to personalise how and when you use your heating.

Creates An Open Plan Layou

If you are looking for a heating option that will leave your home or workplace feeling warm and inviting, without using up precious wall space, this is for you. Electric underfloor heating is a space-saving heating option for those who wish to avoid bulky and poorly placed radiators. Instead, you can utilise all of your wall space and create functional and stylish wall storage without having to work around other heating sources.

Long-Lasting And Easy To Maintain

Electric underfloor heating can last many years and requires just a few checks and updates. Regular maintenance will help to pick up on any issues before they become serious, allowing quick and simple fixes that won’t damage your home decor. If you are thinking about installing electric underfloor heating in your home, don’t forget to get a selection of free quotes and use a service like ‘check-a-trade’ to check the companies reliability. This will help to ensure that you are working with professional suppliers and installation teams.

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