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The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

The kitchen is the most used room in the house, it’s where we prepare our meals, grab snacks, make a drink and often where we congregate to talk with friends or family over a tea or coffee. It’s the heart of the home and it’s no surprise that often a lot of thought goes into the design of the kitchen and somewhere many of us invest our money in when it comes to redesigning a home.

If your kitchen is due an update or you are looking at installing a brand-new kitchen, it’s likely you’re looking at all the details and elements such as layout, cupboard design, space for appliances as well as surfaces and splashbacks.

If you’re debating which splashback you should go for, debating tiles and materials for easy cleaning and maintenance, have you considered a glass splashback?

Customise Your Kitchen To Your Unique Style

Glass splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to maintain and can be customised completely. A glass splashback is available in a solid colour, digital printed image or mirrored glass finish so can be completely unique to your home and style!

Those looking for splashbacks in Surrey and London, can choose from a huge variety of colours, designs or a custom digital printed image for their homes such as a favoured landscape, family picture or quote. You can design your splashback to be completely unique to you, creating a kitchen that represents your home perfectly.

There is some great glass splashback inspiration out there, why not look on Pinterest or design sites to get some inspiration for yours? There is something to suit every style and taste and you’ll be impressed to see how they can bring life to any kitchen. Even if it’s the only thing you update in your kitchen, it can really bring new life to the space. Most suppliers of splashbacks in Surrey will be able to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Easy To Maintain

One of the best things about a glass splashback is how easy it is to maintain, the glass can easily be wiped and cleaned without the need for scrubbing meaning that any spills or stains can be taken care of without the need for specialist cleaning products.

Glass is hygienic and easy to clean, simply use a gentle cloth such as microfibre and use non-abrasive cleaning products such as glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner or even just hot soapy water. You could even use surface cleaning wipes for ease! Avoid anything metal or plastic based as this could scratch the glass.

With the wealth of options available with a glass splashback, the easy maintenance and the timeless style, it’s no wonder more and more people are opting for a glass splashback in their home. How would you customise your glass splashback?

Post Author: Jess Esemmens