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The key to perfect dressing is finding the right balance in what you wear. You have to have a fair idea about your body type and which are the features that you need to highlight and which are the ones that you will have to hide. And when you dress, you have to create symmetry, not the geometrical kind of symmetry but hit the right chord of balance.

What we often do wrong is that we just concentrate on the upper wear or the bottom wear but forget to look at is a whole. Well then if you love to Buyladies tops online and flaunt your buys in style, then let’s take a look at a few looks that help in creating just the balance you want:

  • Long and flare skirts are in. Pleated long skirts too are doing quite the round these days. If you are petite and you simply love long skirts then you can try out the combination of a floral noodle strap top along with a long pleated or flared skirt. Floral are in this season and hence you should be right in the trend. All you have to do is make sure that either the top is a cropped one or if it is a typical spaghetti top with noodle straps then you should wear is tucked in. You can fluff the ends a bit to hide extra flabs but wear it tight if you want to flaunt your waist.
  • Shirt tops, particularly the semi-opaque ones work the best when paired with shorts. This is a look that is particularly thought out for the ones with long,lassy legs. If you are short in height then you can tie a cowgirl knot at the end of the shirt and if you are long then you can hit the right balance by tucking the shirt loosely in on one side and keep the other end free. This is the perfect beach look.
  • Trousers work very well with cowl neck tops. You will find various types of cowl neck tops if you search for tops for girls & women These are perfect to wear for your office for when you are heading out for a formal lunch. You can either opt for stilettos or flats, depending on your height.
  • Well, if you simply cannot operate with your favourite pair of blue jeans and you are a little bit on the heavier side, then oversized tees are your thing. These are quite the fashion rage these days and they come with really cool quotes that take your style quotient up by quite a few notches.
  • If you are thinking about wearing palazzos, then noodle strap or halter neck tops are the perfect fit. Just make sure that the length of the top is not long since that will make the dress look out of balance. If you want to wear it long, then opt for kurtis instead of tops.         

    Useful fashion tips, aren’t they? So, keep them in mind the next time you style yourself up with a top!

Post Author: Christy White

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